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Why am I writing about Divi resources? I wrote in the previous posts about why to have a Website for Business. I use WordPress for all our clients because it’s easy for editing and adding new content after the website is finished (that’s only one of many reasons). As we know, every WordPress website needs a “Theme”. The theme is like a shell you put over WordPress so you can customise this amazing Content Management System (CMS) to your liking and to your needs. I specialise in the theme called Divi. The speciality of Divi is that you create basically any type of Website with it.

I have worked with Divi for almost four years now and I must say it totally changed how I created websites for my clients. A huge bonus of Divi is the community of users, developers and web designers, who work with this theme and often help each other.

I personally organised the first Divi meet-up in Ireland the week of the WordCamp Dublin 2019. This led to the creation of the Facebook group “Divi Ireland“, where members share their experiences with this product, but also come for advice or simply to show new websites built with Divi.

Anyway, this post should not only tell you that I like Divi but also bring you some useful resources. It is my goal to do as much as I can to help fellow Divi users.

YouTube Channels

YouTube channels are a fantastic source of knowledge and information about Divi. And there is quite a variety of them. My favourite is Divi Chat. Especially the live broadcast, every Tuesday at 10 pm GMT+1. Here are few YouTube channels dedicated to Divi.

Divi Resources - JustBode Productions

Elegant Themes

Divi Space

Pee-Aye Creative

Divi Chat

Divi Life

Ania Romanska

Josh Hall




Podcasts are one of the most popular ways of consuming content in 2020. And of course, there have to be some about Divi! So here they are:

My favourite Divi Chat is not only on YouTube, but you can stream it from various podcast services including iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and more.

Divi Addicts with Keegan Lanier is “bringing you weekly Divi, WordPress and Business tips,” as they say. And they really do. Check them out.

Josh Hall’s podcast is not strictly about Divi, but about Web Design in general. He is our Divi star, so I definitely have to mention his podcast as well. Josh interviews very knowledgeable people in the Web Design Industry. The show provides a lot of helpful advice for freelancers and agencies.

Divi Chat

Josh Hall

Divi Addicts

Facebook groups

Finally, we are getting to Facebook groups. It’s kind of interesting to watch how Facebook has transformed itself from a website for students to the place for moms to share photos…to now being the platform where professionals are discussing tech and business issues. And where else would web designers and developers congregate to discuss their shared interests, but online?  It used to be in specialised forums, now it’s a Facebook group. Whether you are interested in design or SEO, speed optimization or PHP, you can find a group for nearly anything. And these groups below all have one thing in common – they all touch Divi from some angle.

Divi Theme Users

Divi Help and Share

Divi Freelancers for Hire

Divi CSS Share

Divi Ireland

Divi Web Designers

Divi Teacher

Divi Professional

Divi Community

Divi and WordPress – Hosting and Domain Support Group

Divi Theme Tips

Divi Speed Up

Divi Designers and Developers

Divi and Elegant Themes SEO

Divi and Bloom Tech support

One of the many reasons I still use Divi is the amazing community of people around this fantastic product who are willing to help one another. Additionally, Elegant Themes, the developers of the theme, are always trying to push the limits of Divi and make sure that this premium theme is better and better with every update. I am very grateful to be part of this community and always glad to help fellow Divi user.

If you found something useful here, or if you have a resource to add to the list, please leave a comment below. 

Do you need a help with Divi?

I love to chat about Divi and help Divi users thrive. If you need some help fixing, enhancing, or maintaining your Divi site, that’s what I love to do.

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