You might ask what exactly are Divi related products? Since Divi was introduced to the WordPress community, the user base has grown exponentially. There are now over 683,000 users at the time of writing this article, and that brings a lot of opportunities for developers and web designers. So what exactly are Divi related products?

As you know, there are plugins in WordPress for almost anything you can imagine and some of those plugins have been specifically created for Divi. Some, give you options for FrontEnd (design), some, like  Divi Rocket, are more technical and want to solve the speed or any other issues.

Another very popular Divi “product types” are Child themes and layouts. It is important to say that the quality of Child themes and layouts highly depends on the source. Therefore it’s good to know where to get them.

I would like to introduce you in this article to some companies who have already proved their quality of work. I hope you will enjoy my selection.

Most of the quotes are coming from Plugin Creators themselves as they were so nice and talked to me over last few days.


Updated August 17, 2020

Divi Market Place

Screenshot of www.elegantthemes.com

So long expected Divi Market Place finally arrived July 30, 2020. And with it all the plugins, child themes and layouts in one place. Well, maybe not all, but those scrutinised by Elegant Themes, so we know they are all of the high quality.

I believe you will find their products from most of Divi Plugin Creators I am writing about in this article. Never the less you can at least find out little more about them. One of the reasons might be that we trust more to those who we know more about.

So anyway check out the Divi Market Place, but finish the article first. At least you will know who is who. 


Screenshot of divi.space

“Divi Space was one of the very first companies to develop third-party plugins for Divi. Today, we’ve created over 100 premium Divi and WordPress products to help developers, designers, and DIYers like you make great websites.”

Pablo, support Divi Space

And that’s about right. David Blackmon and Cory Jenkins are the heads of the company (originally founded by SJ James) and they proved that niching down to products for one WordPress theme can work. Plugins like Divi Switch or Divi Everywhere are great example of that. These guys are also part of the DiviChat panel, and David, together with Tim Strifler from Divi Life have a Web Design Business course and a regular podcast called WPThePodcast. They are literally “All-in-Divi”.

Payment options: One site, Three sites, as a part of Annual membership or a Life-time membership (which is quite a bargain). 



Screenshot of divilife.com

“Divi Life is a leading 3rd party Divi company that creates some of the most popular and widely used Divi plugins (such as Divi Overlays and Divi Mega Pro), Divi Child Themes (such as RoyalCommerce), and Divi Layouts. Products are available individually and in the Divi Life All Access (best value). In addition to products, Divi Life also offers free Divi tutorials and premium Divi Courses.”

Tim Strifler, founder of Divi Life

Most of us know Tim from the Divi Chat panel as the main definer of every topic discussed. His plugin “Divi Overlays” is one of the most used Divi plugins in the community. Tim from Divi Life and David from Divi Space also collaborate on another successful project called WP Gears.

Payment options: Single site, Three sites, Unlimited sites or “All Access Pass”.  



Screenshot of www.b3multimedia.ie

“B3 Multimedia Solutions was founded in 2013. Initially, we dealt with website development, digital marketing and graphic design, serving clients from around the world. In 2016, our first Divi template appeared – ZARA – and this was the beginning of creating Divi child themes. On the B3 Multimedia Solutions blog, you can find many interesting articles about creating websites and Divi tutorials. Our Divi Child Themes are characterized by high quality, modern design and custom functionality, like Popup Maker, Preloader, One-Click colour change and more! On our website, you can find 13 Divi layouts available for free. We have also developed 5 Premium Divi Plugins. The most popular Testimonial Slider has been featured on Elegant Themes Blog.”

Maciej Ekstedt, founder of B3Multimedia

One and only Irish based Divi Product company let by Maciej Ekstedt. You might know Maciej from great tutorials in the Divi Fb groups. They do share a lot of content. Even some good looking free layouts.

Payment options: Regular licence (for a single site) or Extended licence (unlimited amount of sites).



Screenshot of divicake.com

“Divi Cake is a Community Marketplace for Divi Child Themes, LayoutsPlugins.
With Divi being the ultimate WordPress theme, it only makes sense that Divi also has the ultimate community. And that cool community makes even cooler creations.”

One of the Divi Marketplaces out there with high-quality child themes, layouts and also plugins. And they have a 24-hour return policy with the full refund. How cool is that?

Payment options: different from product to product so better check them out and see for yourself what great deals they have in offer. 



Screenshot of besuperfly.com

“Superfly is made up of designers & developers who love Divi and web design. We are dedicated to providing the best Divi products we can create & support.”

Creators of Mhmm (Might Header and Menu Maker) are also a very popular company. You can get their plugins for annual payment or as a part of the membership. They also have Child Themes, Layouts and Courses for Divi. Especially their CSS Course which is very popular.

Payment options: only for a single site or as a part of the membership. 


Pee-Aye Creative

Screenshot of www.peeayecreative.com

“We are a couple from Pennsylvania who loves to design by day and explore by weekend. We started Pee-Aye Creative to help other small businesses, support people with big ideas, and promote all the happy, adventurous, beautiful things in life.”

You probably know Nelson Lee Miller from his YouTube tutorials and also from the FB Divi Groups where he likes to help and share his knowledge about Divi. He is also a creator of the FB group Divi Teacher. He and his wife Tasha Nicole Miller are the owners of Pee-Aye Creative, the Web Design studio from Pennsylvania. These guys keep creating more and more Divi Products. The Divi Events Calendar and Divi Responsive Helper became very popular, very fast.

Pricing is actually very good. You can buy it once and use it for an unlimited amount of websites with free updates for a lifetime of the product.


Divi Supreme

Screenshot of divisupreme.com

Divi Supreme seems to have a special place in hearts of Divi community. After I published first version of this article I was quickly notified in several places that I am missing this gem. It’s sort of like a lot of plugins in one plugin. You will suddenly have custom modules in Divi, what you might find very useful. From “Gradient text, to “Typing effect” or “Before/After Image Slider”. Plenty of very handy features. 

And guess what. They have a free version available in WP repository. Here is the link (just in case). And if you would like to have a Pro version with regular updates and full 40 modules with all new features, you have to go to their own website. 

At this very moment they have three tears. 

Personal – one site, Professional – unlimited sites and Agency (Lifetime). Prices are fairly ok. Lifetime is for $199. (August 17, 2020). 


Elegant Marketplace

Screenshot of elegantmarketplace.com

Elegant Marketplace is exactly what the name suggests. This is the market when you can get third party plugins from different developers. Find what you are looking for, pay the price and that’s it. The support is provided by individual developers. They also offer Child Themes and layouts. All you might need to create your Divi website faster. It’s worth to say they offer Child themes, plugins and layouts for other page builders as well. 

Payment options: different from product to product so make sure you read it properly. 


Divi Extended

This is another example of a well-handled Divi Product company. They are known for plugins like Divi Blog Extras and Divi Plus. You can get plugins for one-off price, Lifetime updates and one year of support or you can buy a Membership what will grant you access to all their products. You can purchase the Membership for a year or buy a Lifetime deal.

Pricing options : Single site or Extended licence.


Divi Plugins

Screenshot of diviplugins.com

These guys are building Divi plugins since 2015. Divi FilterGrid, Divi Module Builder or Advance Blurbs are just a few from their portfolio. They sell plugins individually or you can get a Bundle. Individual plugins have 4 tears of pricing. One site, 5 sites, Unlimited or a Lifetime. 

Pricing options: Single site, 5 sites, Unlimited sites or Life-time unlimited sites.  


Divi Engine

Screenshot of diviengine.com

“My name is Peter Wilkinson, originally from South Africa and now living in the UK for the past 13 years. I started Divi Engine over 3 ½ years ago as was creating custom plugins for my customers. I could not find suitable solutions for issues I had like script minification. Instead of keeping these solutions for myself, I decided to share them with the Divi community.

Fast forward 3 years later, Divi Engine is a full-time job and have a small team working with me. We sell plugins specifically for Divi and range from speed, mobile, WooCommerce and our newest to help display dynamic content.

Divi BodyCommerce up until now is what we are known for and for a good reason, it does so much for you and our aim with this it to have one plugin for WooCommerce.
The core of our business it is about giving back. We give back to the Divi community with tutorials and help online but most importantly for every purchase you make on our website, we give a gift on your behalf to the Sozo Foundation.”

Peter Wilkinson, Divi Engine

Divi Bodycommerce, Divi Nitro or Divi Mega Menu are great examples of quality plugins this company creates. You can get plugins individually (1 site, 2-5 sites, Unlimited), you can buy a Membership for annual price or as a Lifetime. What is interesting is the Forum. Here you can ask about specific features of plugins, write some “future requests” or write to Support. And you don’t have to be “logged in” to be able to read, only if you want to create a new topic. I like it. Full transparency. 

Divi Gear

Screenshot of www.divigear.com

“DiviGear is operated by a team of passionate developers, designers, writers, marketers that are dedicated to delivering top-notch Divi products. Our goal is to build products that keep customers engaged and satisfied.
DiviGear provides third-party plugins, child theme, and layouts for Divi theme at affordable prices to extend the functionality. Our products open the door to new design possibilities. We build world-class Divi products that are useful, and reliable.
We are personally committed to delivering the very best. Everything, from customer support to product design and development, is provided by our dedicated team.”

Saddam, DiviGear

Originally founded by Abu Sayed Kouser, DiviGear has a full stack of Divi Products. They are selling mostly individually but they do have a special offer for the Bundle. And if you were looking for some nice carousel for your website, Divi Carousel Module 2.0 is currently for $15 for one project or $29 for unlimited. That sounds like a great deal. Also, it might be worth to get on their mail list as there is a lot of useful tips and tricks what they share on the Blog.

Divi Professional

Screenshot of divi-professional.com

“We are professional and creative website designers and developers since 2012. We started to create Divi Child Themes, Divi Plugins and Divi Modules since 2017. We have more than 30+ Divi products. Our goal is to provide lightweight, well coded and designed tools that are built for Divi professionals. We want to help you make the best Divi websites possible.”

Niki Prajapati, Divi Professional

You probably know Divi Dream Tool, Divi team member plugin or Testimonial plugin from these guys. They were even featured on Elegantthemes blog.

Payment options: Single site, Five sites or Unlimited. They offer Life Time Access Membership for all their products. They also have Child Themes and few free layouts as a nice bonus.

Screenshot of dondivi.com

I am quite sure you met Ramon Buzon in one of the Facebook Divi Groups. And maybe he even helped you with some “Divi” issue. Super nice guy with great knowledge of Divi and web development. He created very interesting (and I think actually very cute) suit of plugins for Divi under his own brand “DonDivi(written all together). It’s a spanish word which means” MrDivi “, and its logo-mascot is formed with those 2” D “, one for the head and the other reflected for the body.And here is how he would like to introduce himself and his company:

Hi, I’m Ramon. I was born in Spain and graduated in Fine Arts in 1999 specializing in Design and Audiovisuals. Since then I have been working in Design and Marketing developing creative projects for major brands and companies (Heineken, Coca-Cola, Vodafone..)
Since I was a child I have liked computers to do “magic”. My first computer was an Amstrad CPC-6128, and while others were playing I created my first Quiz game. Years after my first HTML course, and suddenly i was working with Dreamweaver, Flash… and finally Divi arrived!
I started using Divi in 2012 because I had always wanted to have a tool to easily design websites from “blank paper” and also allow my clients to manage them… Does it sound familiar? Divi has allowed me to do it better every day. Thank you Nick.
7 years later, ending 2019, I launched DonDivi, a new project where I develop new tools for other Divi Lovers to boost their creativity and web design.

Ramon Buzon, DonDivi

As mentioned before, you can find on the website plugins like DiviMenus & Family(Floating, Sharing and On Media) or DiviSignatures, published recently. 

Ramon’s plugins are not very expensive. Main “DiviMenus” plugin is currently for $49/ annually (August 17, 2020).

Banana Creative Online Marketing

Screenshot of cldash.com

I left this cherry on the end. The web design Studio from Croatia called Banana Creative Online Marketing released their first plugin. This is their only plugin but it is for Divi, so I decided to include it here. The plugin generates an app with what you and your clients can edit content without login into wp-admin and using Divi builder. From what I’ve seen, this is one highly complex plugin and as guys told me: “New exciting plugin features are in development and in the roadmap.” 

Full disclaimer. There is only one affiliate link in this post and that’s for Divi. The reason is that I wanted the article to be objective and not driven by affiliate links. If you get to the end of this article, you will find out that Divi has a massive ecosystem of products and plugins around itself. I believe this proves how special this Theme is and how many opportunities there are for Divi Products. Probably the most difficult part is which one to pick for your next project.

If you are a Divi Plugin creator and didn’t find yourself in this article, please get in touch and I will be happy to add you here. 


If you decide to go with Divi, the banner below will take you to Elegantthemes, when you can purchase this amazing WordPress theme. I would recommend buying the Lifetime Membership, as this is a fantastic offer for your investment and hard to say when ET will decide to change the pricing model. If you use this link, we will get a small commission to keep the lights on. And I will take it as an appreciation of the time I’ve put into creating this article ;).

If you are looking for help with your Divi website or would like to have a new website built with this amazing theme, get in touch and I will be happy to help you.

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