1, The website as your own presentation/portfolio.

Do you still have only a Facebook Business Page for your company and you believe you are doing just fine? Do you keep saying to yourself that your business doesn’t need a website? Well, here you will find few reasons WHY you actually need one.

It can be used to showcase your shop, services or digital products – anything that you want to offer to the market. Through networking, your website has the potential to be more than just a static site. It’s like your showcase in the store. With its look and feel that is easy to navigate, rich meaningful content and a strong call to action in the form of an option for an interesting newsletter, a free download or anything else of value to potential buyers or subscribers, you can encourage customers to engage with you and connect with your business. A good first impression is vital. According to certain studies, the attention span of your visitors is about 8 seconds. Yep! Goldfish can concentrate longer than the average customer on the internet. So you need to have your website as clear as possible with easy access to all important information. More about that later.
Now let’s look at other reasons why you need a website.

2, Digital marketing

Another important reason is to utilise digital marketing. If you imagine the internet as a big hangout area for potential customers, your market is pretty massive. That also means there are others offering similar services to yours. Building a strong, loyal network of followers who will recommend your services helps. Having positive testimonials you can share on your website – even better for establishing credibility. I wrote a little article about Digital Marketing for Business that can serve as a good starting point. But most importantly do not forget this one piece of advice. Your website should be a target point of your Digital Marketing. You need to get traffic to your site where you conduct business, call it your “shop”, if you wish, so keep that in mind when updating your social media business accounts. Please note you should always keep your personal social media for anything you want to share with friends and family and your work social media accounts purely for sharing useful information and for engaging with existing and potential clients.

3, Blog

Why do you need to have a Blog? Does it sound cheesy to you?
I know, there are plenty of Blogs about nothing and everything. The fact is, after the e-mail marketing, it is still one of the best ways to drive your audience to your Web Site. One of the most important aspects for Google Search indexing is new, relevant content. Because you are an expert in your field, you should not be short on content. Perhaps some interesting facts, advice, news. Once you start writing you will be surprised how much knowledge you have to share.
You can reach out to some other expert in your field who can guest blog for you and help add some interesting topic or insight which will enrich your blog if you are struggling with content. When you finally have a new blog post or news, post it to your Social Media platforms. Include a hyperlink to your website and you will see more incoming traffic, assuming you are tracking your traffic.

4, E-commerce

You may have noticed, there is an online shop for almost everything. Traditional bricks and mortar shops are quickly declining and being replaced by online stores. Some well-known examples include eBay, Amazon or DoneDeal in Ireland. There are also plenty of small companies offering their products on the Internet. The main reason is that their customers are spending so much time online, it has become necessary and very effective to do business online.
And it’s actually not as difficult as it seems, especially if you already have a product to offer. Your customers are already online so combined with good advertising you can develop a successful e-commerce site.

5, Options

There are many ways to get a website now. Services like Weebly, Wix, or WordPress.com are offering CMS (Content Management System) based websites, show what you can manage yourself if you have a little of IT knowledge. They work on similar bases like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages document editors. You are able to create a basic web presence for free (with advertisements) or for monthly payments (without advertisements) by simply adding text and pictures, videos your contact information and so on.
I personally recommend WordPress.org and I use it myself for business purposes. Almost 32% of all websites on the internet (2018) are built using Worpdress.org. Amazing, right? It looks similar to WordPress.com, but it’s more flexible, gives you more freedom with a massive amount of themes and plugins and the software itself is for FREE. You still have to get hosting (from about 12€ per month) and pay for your own domain (your internet address) but the cost is not very high.
If you have some advanced computer skills, you could find yourself creating your own website very quickly. If not, you can contact me and we can have your website up and running in a very short time and for a very affordable price. And with a little effort and our support in WordPress, you will be able to manage your website with no need for coding or web design knowledge.

6, Conclusion

If you want to stay in business you need to extend your presence to online. A website gives you the chance to show what your business offers and you can build your own your target audience.
Social Media is great for traffic, networking, and branding but any Social Networks can disappear at any time and those followers will be gone for good.
Invite them to your website and they will know where to find you next time they need you. You can create connections with the help of an Email Sign-up Form or when you provide them with information or services they require.
There is only one more step you need to make – your own amazing website.

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