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Everybody knows about or at least heard of Facebook.
The Facebook Business Page opened on Fb private profile is a unique platform on the internet which grew from a small social website to a massive place for interaction, socialising and of course advertisement.
There is no doubt it became a very important marketing tool for today’s companies. Communication with customers, easy introduction of new products or special offers or even a simple presentation of the company. Facebook can help you with that and much more. Of course, the crucial question is “if” and “how” you actually promote your company or service. The question “If” is easily answered. With all latest figures, most of the companies are either already there or they are planning to be.
Now I am going to show you “how” you can have your own business page in 4 simple steps.

Step 1 (Setup a Facebook personal profile)

Open a personal profile on www.facebook.com.
No personal profile, no business page. Simple as that. If you will go on the Facebook website on the internet, you will find on the very first page “Sign up” form. After you fill in your details, your Facebook profile is ready to go. You may customise it now or leave it for later.
Once you start customising your Facebook business page, you will see the steps are similar to customising your personal profile.
You might set your cover photo, profile picture, add birthday, start looking for your friends.
By the way, it’s good to have friends on your personal profile, because they will be probably first people who will see and “like” your brand new business page.

Step 2 (Create a Facebook Business page)

When you create personal profile, the next step is to create “Facebook business page“.
Facebook menu for more options and settings of your account.If you are creating your business page on the computer (I would personally recommend this), you will find in the top bar on the right side a little dark blue triangle. After you click on this triangle, you will see a column of options. One of them is “Create page“. When you choose this option, you will then start the process of creating your business page. First, you will have to select from six choices. Choose one, which best represents your business. Then you will need to fill in some more details, like category, the address of company contact details. And so your Facebook business page was born.

Step 3 (Customize your Facebook Business page)

Now you must customise your page.
This is the time to make your page different from any other. Facebook business page cover photo.Choose carefully your “Cover photo” and “Profile picture“. The “Cover photo” is the photo on the head of your Facebook page. It has a recommended size/resolution just like your “Profile picture“. It’s a good idea to check it on the internet because it changes from now and then. At the moment, according to Facebook, it is 828x315px (pixels). For your “Profile picture“, you might consider using your company logo. The picture should have a square shape, resolution “900x900px” and type of file “jpeg or “png”.
Next fill in “About section” with all necessary contact information, address, phone number, website, opening hours. And also the “Short description” and “Long description” of your company. More information you can fill in, the better for your presentation. The “About” section of your page is very important not only for your potential clients but also for Google and other search engines.

Step 4 (Create posts for your Business page)

Now that you are finished with customization, you can start with posts.
Pictures, videos, links to other websites and interesting articles. Your creativity is the only limit..(and of course your IT abilities, but you can always hire a graphic designer or social marketing professional to help you).
After you get at least 10 likes (meaning 10 people who “liked” your Facebook page) you can finally “set your Vanity URL” for the page so it will be accessible from outside of Facebook too. You can do this on URL :
Also, an important part of the Business page is “Insights“, where you can find statistics on your page, but this topic is big enough for next time.
I hope this gives you a good start, if you have any problems or questions, contact me or ask under this post. I will be very glad if you will “like” my Facebook page, where you can find some interesting updates, news and more about similar topics like this one.
If you would prefer to watch a video tutorial, here is one of very good quality.

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