What could Digital Marketing do for your company?

There is no doubt, that Digital Marketing is absolutely necessary for almost every company, big or small. Having a website, Facebook Business Page, Twitter account, Instagram account, Google My Bussines listing, Yelp listing and maybe even Snapchat account can be powerful tools in your pocket. Let’s take a look at the basic examples of how you can get starting with Digital Marketing for your company or organisation.

Facebook Business Page.

Facebook Business Page

The Facebook Business page is one of the most used marketing tools in small and bigger companies alike. If it’s only simple branding, promotion of products, or leading traffic to your website, it is a great source of potential clients. Since there are 2.4 million Irish people using Facebook on monthly basis and 87% of them are using a mobile device to access Facebook (latest figures of 2016), it is a MUST to have a Facebook presence and maybe at least have your own Facebook Business page with proper imagery and basic information about your company. I wrote a post about how to create a Facebook Business Page in 4 simple steps. The next step is to begin connecting with your potential customers. Just a little know-how and you can start with posts or even ads on the Facebook. The platform is massive and there are a lot of options, to help you get the most of the Facebook. And if you are not sure how to make a post, add a video or anything else, I will be very happy to help you.

Twitter and/or Instagram.


Other social networks like Twitter or Instagram are very similar to Facebook when it comes to promoting your company.
There are about 700.000 users in Ireland logging on to Twitter every day. With short messages and a possibility to add pictures, video, gifs (a special kind of multimedia file) or even live broadcast it is easy to get the message across about your business to so many users.
Instagram is used by 18% of all people in Ireland. It’s primarily “mobile first” and most of the users are posting pictures and videos about what is happening right now in their lives.
Twitter and Instagram also offer paid advertisement. But even a simple post can have a nice “Hello” effect. Many of your potential customers in your area don’t even know about your company or services you are providing. So why not to tell them or even show them using pictures or videos. The visual aspect is extremely important on social media. If you want to promote specific product or services, you need to create posts with specific dimensions that look best on each social media platform and post interesting original content to reach to your customers. All major social networks including Facebook now supports live video. If you use these networks effectively you will get amazing visibility.

Google My Business.

Google My Business

Did you ever check what Google is saying about your company? Maybe you should. You can find out if there are some customer reviews you were not aware of. Also, there is probably some information about your company, gathered from all digital sources on the internet. How does it portray your business? So why not to take control over this. Sing up for your free Google My Business account and start editing information and adding content about your company. Pictures are a great start. Use some nice photos, that will represent you in the best light. Also, a video is a “Big Thing” now, so if you have some good recordings, use them.

Golden Pages or Yelp?

The simple answer is yes and yes. Go for both. Fill in all your important information and do not forget to fill in your website address. It can be a valuable source of traffic. And there are most likely other internet pages, that offers the free listing for companies. All traffic coming to your site is good. It even helps the Google Search engine, because Google really likes, when your site is mentioned on other pages. It’s called “backlinks”. And it says to “Google” that you are trustworthy. The more websites that “talk” about your business and a link to your own website, the better it will be for your online visibility.


With these few tips, I hope I have given you some insight into how you can make digital marketing work for your business. There is also “Email Marketing”, “Video Marketing” and more and more. The Internet is providing us with amazing opportunities to promote your company or to get more traffic to your website. That should definitely be one of your main goals. More traffic, more conversions, more clients. Another goal is “to be there, to be seen”. Maybe your competition is not there yet, maybe it is. So make sure you will be there too. Don’t be afraid to try new things and see what gives the best results for your business, but of course, you need to allow time for any method to work.
There are also plenty of resources on the Internet to study and get answers. Do you think you need help with your digital marketing? Do you have some ideas or just a need to go online, but you are not sure how? Feel free to contact me and together we can find the best way to get you started.

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